British Exiles Singapore FC

Competitive amateur football team in Singapore


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Welcome to the British Exiles FC (Singapore)

    The British Exiles (Singapore) FC play in competitive local football leagues in the tropical city-state. The club was formed in july 2007 as a spin-off from the British Club of Singapore ,competing in the ESPZEN league 

    More than 300 players have lined up for the  Exiles over the years, representing three dozen countries. Since its founding, the Exiles have played over 600 games, represented "Britain" in the prestigious Audi Cup the Windmill and Kowloon tournaments in Singapore and toured bali every year since 2009.

    The Exiles currently play in ESPZEN's Matador Sunday league Division 1 (Season 24) and a team in ESPZEN veterans league (season4). They previously played in the SunSports League. The Exiles offer competitive soccer to both locals and expats. We play hard, yet fair, and seek to be respected opponents. We endeavour to play well within the FA code of conduct, showing respect for referees and our opponents. 


    We are proud to be sponsored by ISWITCH , a member of the RCMA Group. We are always open to other sponsors, and offer website links and shirt logo placements. 

    The Exiles also have close links to the Bali Sports Foundation - an independent group that seeks to use sport as a way  a way to improve the lives of children and people with disabilities.


    The Exiles play in Blue shirts, black shorts and black socks. Alternative strip is White shirts.

    Please contact Club Manager Chris Pardey for more details on sponsorship or playing:     

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